All of us

Sote is an embedded trade company. Our vision is a self sustainable Africa. The first step towards self sustainability is to build a resilient trading economy. Our mission is to make trade easy, predictable, and affordable in Africa.

We will achieve this mission by building on three pillars

1. Building Africa’s digital logistics infrastructure. Sote logistics: for your end-to-end logistics needs

2. Building Africa’s most credible and reliable credit and business intelligence platform. Sote Capital: to pay for inventory and raw materials and expand your business

3. Building Africa’s largest B2B marketplace. Sote solutions: we vet and curate software solutions to guarantee reliability, trust and security. All your enterprise needs solved

Sote provides all the tools for trade that a business in Africa needs to scale - from capital, to software, to insurance, to logistics.

Our pillars work together to lower the cost of logistics and empower a new generation of businesses to grow and scale in a journey towards making Africa self sustainable.