Finance and insure your supplies through Sote Capital. Then let Sote Logistics move your cargo securely through Air/Sea Freight, Customs clearance, Rail, Trucking, and Warehousing. Track it all in real-time.

Integrated Freight forwarding. AEO certified.

Imagine end-to-end logistics without the hustle. All our logistics solutions are embedded with real-time visibility, transparency, and access to capital. Say hello to peace of mind.

Sea freight

Sote is a member of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) with partners globally. We have the capacity to move your cargo from anywhere in the world by sea, while allowing you to track container location, contents, milestones and delays on your Hanan dashboard
  • Container deposits covered
  • Global reach
  • Cost effective

Air freight

When speed is critical, Sote prepares for your cargo arrival before take off. Our goal is to achieve a just-in-time delivery
  • Landed cost analysis
  • Secure and reliable


Manage cost, time and the effort of your supply chain when you consolidate shipments with multiple origin suppliers
  • Cost efficient
  • Climate friendly

Import customs clearance

Our customs agents are experts on all matters of customs, with 15 years experience on average. We advocate for you and advise with clarity in the most complex situations.
  • Fast and reliable
  • Accurate classification to avoid delays
  • Digital document management

Export customs clearance

We maintain relationships across the local private and public logistics ecosystem ensuring we have the capacity to handle the most complex returns and agricultural exports
  • Effortless
  • Secure


Sote maintains an experienced loading and off loading teams at the pick up and destination points. We ensure efficient loading of your containers after vessel discharge.
  • Climate friendly
  • Fast and reliable

Short haul

We aggregate full service haulage operations, ensuring your cargo is always delivered on time. Today, our average turnaround time from vessel discharge at Mombasa port to your Nairobi premises is 4 days
  • Free-day management to avoid penalties
  • Cost effective
  • Fast and reliable

Long haul and transit

Utilizing our own trucks as well as those of vetted high quality transporters we pick up cargo efficiently from ports and container depots, avoiding queue delays, and ensuring your deliveries across borders arrive on time
  • Digital journey plans on Hanan
  • Secure and reliable
  • Integrated goods in transit insurance (GIT)


Manage your entire distribution process within the same Hanan dashboard. Achieve real-time visibility while saving on fuel, time, and CO2 emissions.
  • Efficient routing
  • Fast and reliable
  • Real-time tracking

Bonded warehouse

Manage your cash flow by taking advantage of Bonded warehouses – A customs-controlled warehouse where goods for which the duty has not been paid can be stored until the duty is paid
  • Deep warehousing network
  • Diligent record keeping
  • Advanced warehouse management solutions

Inventory warehousing

The success of a warehouse is directly proportional to the level of diligence of warehouse staff who work to uphold service quality. We monitor and uphold extreme transparency and inventory accountability with our clients.
  • Curated partner network
  • Flexible solutions
  • Scalable solutions – pay as you go

Container freight stations (CFS)

CFS solutions are ideal to attain extra storage days to avoid penalties when your cargo exceeds your unloading capacity. They specializes in the storage, consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo prior to paying customs therefore assisting with cashflow
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Secure and convenient locations
  • Reliable short haul transport

Trade management solutions for growth.

Harness the power of your logistics activity to access new trade finance, supply chain finance, insurance, and more solutions.

Fintech: A trade and supply chain finance solution

An exclusive and managed business loan marketplace matching you to tailored and flexible financing. Built with privacy as a leading principle in collaboration with financial institutions for security and verification
  • Flexible financing
  • Safe and secure

ERP marketplace: A curated enterprise software marketplace

We know your needs. We are software experts. We only partner with the highest quality reliable software solutions to drive your business. Built on trust, relationships, and data.
  • Churpy – finance reconciliation software

Insure-tech: An marketplace for all your insurance needs

Experience fast, fluid, tailored insurance solutions. Protect your cargo cost effectively and reliably. Scale your insurance to your supply chain.
  • Digitally driven – secure even at the last minute
  • Simple claims process

Embedded trade. Let's move forward together.

Finance and insure your supplies through Sote Capital. Then let Sote Logistics move your cargo securely through Air/Sea Freight, Customs clearance, Rail, Trucking, and Warehousing. Track it all in real-time.